Travalian Mission

Creating a travel revolution

The following deposition has been documented within the company guidelines, to ensure that no person or associated future organisation, can change the guidelines of the Travalian concept, so that the site always remains a free spirit, independent of commissions, and charges between businesses and customers.

The Travalian mission is to create the largest centralised social media and travel guide, creating a gateway for local communities worldwide, to manage and build a better future for tourism, to participate in the promotion of events, amenities, activities, attractions and areas of natural beauty. Our aim is to open tourism across a wider area, and create a more diverse and fair market, to help disperse tourism away from concentrated areas and distribute wealth, through communities and businesses across extended areas, that open new undiscovered opportunities of discovery.

Travalian is the ultimate guide for leisure and travel, covering over three million towns and villages, for activities, events, attractions and amenities, the first resource of its kind, directly connecting businesses and members, creating stronger, financially independent communities, that bypassing booking charges. The service is open to everyone, and provides the ability to promote, communicate and interact with communities and services, using Blogs, Likes, Follows, Friends, Reviews and Rating. Travalian information has been generated through a vast array of distributed information services, so that businesses and communities can benefit from shared and unique insights that can be used for marketing localised communities.

In a similar way to Wikipedia Travalian works under a Creative Commons Licence, opening its doors to to members who wish to participate by adding new content about villages, town, cities and other areas of natural beauty and interest, to be used for future generations to use. Travalian members help by adding and moderating content in a way that is unbiased, to maintain the quality of information, where members are also asked to report inappropriate content, to keep the information clean and accurate.

Reviews are often misused by businesses wishing to influence customers, making them difficult to believe. The new Travalian rating system keep emotional statements at bay, by highlighting characteristics, that benefit both members and services alike, offering a breakdown of benefits, that help people choose financial and personal tastes, creating an unbiased, unarguable, and fair rating system, trusted by everyone, building a new industry standard. The rating results offer detailed information of trends, interests and comparisons by town or country, helping travel and tourist communities everywhere an opportunity to promote their brand for a fair share of the travel and leisure market.

Travalian creates a new and original standard for rating cities, towns, areas of natural interest as well as the services around them, covering all relevant beneficial characteristics, making it possible for future members to discover a more diverse range of destinations previously undiscovered. The rating system create a passive, fair, yet less personal and more accurate system against previous review services, making it difficult to submit false and misleading comments.

Until now online booking sites have ruled over the travel industry with impunity, where information is restricted to tourist hotspots for flight and accommodation booking, for this reason travellers have never been able to access a complete information resource covering every country, town and city worldwide.

The travel industry can only move forward by offering an information resource that is free, complete and available to everyone. The restrictions imposed by online booking sites and their lack of data, means that there has never been a single resource covering all aspects of travel, and while online booking is ideal for flight and accommodation booking, this leaves travellers exposed to little information and restricts the flow of information from travellers, leaving a gap for other media input from members and communities.

Travalian is working towards a better future for the industry, where community participation and interaction can meet success, and break away entirely from commercial online agencies, bringing tourism back into the control of businesses and travellers.