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Post by Luca White - July 30, 2019

Visit Adelaide Zoo in Australia


For family-friendly activities in nature, nothing compares to a day at Adelaide Zoo The giant pandas are the stars here, delighting young and old alike. Other popular attractions are the aviaries, orangutans, and the Envirodome, an interactive visitor center with a vertical garden and terrarium. There is also a petting zoo, where kids can feed and play with furry and feathery friends. Or you can enjoy a delightful day at Cleland Wildlife Park. Kangaroos, wallabies, potoroos, and emus roam freely in the wide-open spaces, and you can wander among them or even feed them.

For more culture exploration you can visit the Ayers Historic House Museum, Adelaide Festival Centre, State Library of South Australia, South Australian Museum and other galleries and spectacular architecture.

Published on 02 May, 2019
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