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Things to do in Australia this December

With Christmas holidays approaching near, trip plans of the individuals are at their final stage. If you are about to Visit Australia in Christmas vacations, then we can help you with a list of things to do that can ensure holidays to be fun-filled. We have hand picked the activities and places that can maintain the enjoyment factor along with giving you a happy time with friends, family or your partner.

Day Picnic at Bundaberg Botanic Garden

Visit Bundaberg Botanic garden to feel the kiss of nature. Former vegetable garden was transformed into an appealing botanic garden back in 18th century. Bunya pines and weeping figs, considered as the prime attraction of the garden, became its part in 1850 and 1870 respectively.

The best day to visit Bundaberg Botanic garden is Sunday as you can enjoy ride on train across it. The even better part of the garden is birdlife where nature seems to its best and utmost lively. So, if you are planning for a day picnic, this botanic garden will tick all the checkbox of the day’s check list.

Have Fun & Thrill at Adventure Park

Adventurepark Geelong is one of the fun-filled attractions in the area. Initially, it was built as Water Park but later dry land rides were also added. The park is well known for its amazing rides that can offer you unbelievable thrill and fun. The parks provide pavilions and tables facilities, you can book them in advance and avoid last hour rush.

To add more fun to your day picnic, the park has Free BBQ station. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the park, but light alcohol beverages are available to enjoy!

Hit Snorkelling at Fleurieu Peninsula

The beauty of Fleurieu Peninsula’s waters is home to some amazing species of fish and is thus, considered as the best place for fishing.

In the midst of amazing fishes, you can enjoy snorkelling. The South Australia is known for its variety in marine life that can clearly amaze you with their beauty. The sea creatures, like – devil fish, leafy sea dragon, sea horses and a range of great flora will leave you stunned and nostalgic. Do visit the place for once to have different travel experience.

Spend a Day with Whales

Whales way is situated at the largest city of the west coast region. Blue whales are clearly treat to eyes and you’ll find plenty of them here. Whales diving and swimming at the speed of 8KM/Hr leave you amazed and you cannot set your eyes off them.

You’ll be amaze to know that these whales can live upto 200 years, while the killer ones can live for at least 10 decades. The whales facts are just wonderful as one among them says – gray whales are considered to be great travelers as they travel around 15000 kms in a year.

However, in the early 1990s, due to heavy hunting of whales, they are getting rare in the region, but still it is the best place to see the variety of whales in the region.

Try doing this activities along with visiting tourist attractions in Australia. Travalian helped a lot in gathering this information. So, you can always explore this site to have more information about travel Australia.


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