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Post by Luca White - July 30, 2019

Places To Visit Warrnambool


Step back in time at the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, constructed surrounding the 1858 UNESCO heritage listed Warrnambool Lighthouse. The museum houses Victoria’s largest collection of maritime and shipwreck items. The prize of the museum is the 4 million dollar Loch Ard Peacock relic. During the day, visitors can wander through the area and the museum, learning about old maritime life in the peak of Australia’s maritime heritage. You may even spot guardian dogs for the local penguin colony. There is a lot to see, which is why tickets are valid for two days. At night, visitors can be dazzled by a multimedia outdoor extravaganza. The show tells the tale of the Loch Ard disaster. For those wishing to spend the night, you can book a room in the original harbourmaster’s home at the Lighthouse Lodge.

Vacationing can be tiring! Between walking so much throughout the day to feeling overwhelmed by all the new sights and cultural differences, it is easy to get drained while on vacation. Take a time out at a spa to relax and recharge your energy for more sightseeing. The Deep Water Spa and Hot Springs offer several packages to meet your needs. It offers a geothermal mineral pool, a heated indoor swimming pool, treatment rooms, and more. Enjoy the natural therapeutic advantages of water full of minerals, salts, and heat that restore your body as it soaks. After visiting the natural bathhouse, you can visit the day spa for a massage, manicure, and more.

Mini golf is a fun activity for individuals of any athletic and skill level. A round of mini golf can take as long as you want, either a competitive fast-paced game or a leisurely stroll through the course. At Mini Golf by the Sea, you can enjoy all the fun of mini golf while taking in spectacular views of the shore. After a spirited round of mini golf, you can enjoy the Jumping Pillow.

Immerse yourself in nature at the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve. There are so many activities to enjoy, you could easily spend days exploring this treasure. There are five self-guided walks. Each walk offers a theme: orientation and geology, wetlands, revegetation, Aboriginal foods, and geology. The walks range in time from 30 minutes to an hour and range in ability level from easy to steep. Whatever your walking interests, you will be able to find a walk that matches. If you would like a guided tour, there are several choices to choose from: bushwalking, bus tours, birdwatching, coastal walking, night walks, four-wheel drive tours, heritage tours, boat tours, and seal and dolphin watching tours. Explore Tower Hill, which was formed several thousand years ago with a large explosion creating a lake crater and islands. Tower Hill was Victoria’s first national park, created in 1892, and was declared a state game reserve in 1961. Because of the status of a state game reserve, you may be able to spot koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, emus, and other animals in their natural habitat.

Be dazzled at the work of local Australian artists when you visit the Merri View Gallery. There are regular exhibits all year, with a special January summer show and a June Annual Awards show. The exhibits are changed every two months, which includes a featured artist exhibit. The gallery is run by local artists who can discuss with visitors the meaning and significance of different works. Get a glimpse into how Australians view their country and culture through the lens of local art.

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