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Post by Luca White - July 30, 2019

Little information About Tamworth City


Tamworth Castle provides wonderful expertise of the history and heritage. Step into the globe of the royals, observe marvelous design and revel in the assorted articles and costumes on show. For those inquisitive about Ghosts, there are choices for staying within the castle and investigate and knowledge paranormal activity.

St Editha’s Church is another wonderful attraction. It’s one amongst the oldest churches within the Midlands and has splendid arcades and arches. associate degree attraction though is the rare double spiraled steps, helical one higher than the opposite around the same block. it’s a mesmeric sight. The government building and therefore the Almshouses, each designed by powerful native Thomas Guy, are different attractions, made in heritage and beaux arts worth.

A must visit family attraction is Drayton Manor funfair. it’s an awfully well-liked holidaymaker destination and is home to some superb rides. Noteworthy ones are Shockwave, topsy-turvyness and one among Britain’s scariest rides Apocalypse. Shockwave is Europe’s solely stand roller coaster, that includes a raise to a 120 ft and an 80 ft drop with a zero-gravity roll, that is virtually exciting. topsy-turvyness may be a 360-degree swinging electrical converter ride. Apocalypse may be a free-fall tower ride, and also the floorless rise up free fall is that the scariest if not thrilling expertise AN journey seeker will have. Thomas Land themed space at intervals the park is nice to hit amongst the youngsters. With a pleasant walk beside the lake within the park may be a great way to ease your senses on balance the journey.

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