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Post by Kristina - July 30, 2019

Delicious Dinner Ideas for ThanksGiving 2019

ThanksGiving is boring if we do not have delicious delicacies in the dinner. However, it makes you perspires in winters when you think about thanksgiving dinner menu as there are a lot many things you can prepare but you remain confused about what would go well with the guests. But, do not worry, we are up with a list of thanksgiving food menu that would make this thanksgiving unforgettable for you.

Herbed Cheese Ball

Nothing could be better than this as starter. Yes, we know a lot many must be following strict diet, but come on it’s thanksgiving and it must be a cheat day for all. You can keep white wine as welcome drink as it goes well with herbed cheese ball. Also, it takes less time to prepare it. So, it is an ideal option from all the sides.

Roasted Turkey with Rum

Guests looks for heavy, mouth-watering and a bit spicy dish in the main course. Roasted turkey is an apt option for all such desires. When combined with an old rum, it will give some another level dining experience to the guests. You can also pair it up with red wine, if you want to keep the drinks light and less alcoholic. There are several ways roasted turkey could be prepared but ideal one is to serve it with rosemary gravy.


Corn Salad – The sides must be contemporary with started and main course menu. Corn salad could be a good match. Hence, you can include it in menu.

Mashed potatoes – When you have spicy dish in main-course, you can pair it up with something subtle. Slow cooker mashed potatoes is an appropriate choice in that case.

Vegan Mac and Cheese – To give a different taste to your menu, vegan mac with cheese could be selected as one of the sides.

These three food items in sides will make your menu rich, unique and perfect.

Pumpkin Pie

Like halloween, ThanksGiving is incomplete without pumpkin. It is unsaid rule among ThanksGivings fans to have something related to pumpkin in dinner menu. And what could be better than having it as ThanksGiving desserts. Pumpkin pie is loved by all and thus, it is obvious to have it in dinner.

Internet is full with a lot of ThanksGiving dinner ideas, but you may get confused reading them. Thus, go ahead with this menu. Also, if you are thinking to enjoy dinner out with your friends, you can search the restaurant here at Travalian as they have the updated list of the restaurants, bars, pubs and lounges that are offering happening dinner menu this ThanksGiving.


Published on 22 Nov, 2019
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