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Post by travalian - July 30, 2019

Bloggers, Blog Blogs for Australia


Blogging for travel and leisure across Australia

If you are in anyway involved in blogging for Australia and not yet posted on the largest go-to social media and travel guide, then you’re not reaching the people that are important – and posting articles about travel and leisure, areas or beauty, conservation or about towns and cities around Australia

Get your blog rated and reviewed, where members can comment, then directly share your articles across multiple Social Media sites all in one go. You won’t get a higher ranking anywhere else, as your page is automatically optimized for SEO.

You can add media, photos, videos and importantly add links to your websites as well as your other social media sites and anyone can connect with you directly

Everything is entirely free, we just ask you to keep your content relevant in order to reach members and businesses so they are aware of your services.

You can also work on behalf of the services in Travalian and blog on their behalf as each article you post has a relevant credit and link back to their service or business

We support Australian communities, help us do the same and Join the Travel revolution

Published on 15 Sep, 2019
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