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Post by Kristina - July 30, 2019

Best Places to Visit in Australia this Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving round the corner, everyone is busy thinking – how to celebrate it in the most entertaining way. If you are planning to go on a short vacation, but are confused about where to go, then do not worry, we can certainly help you. Dedicate this Thanksgiving to visit Australia, and if you are local resident, we are suggesting the places that you can even visit and enjoy with your friends & family.

There are a lot of surprising tourist destinations in Australia which are not much popular and possible that you do not have much idea about them. But the places, we are next to suggest are as happening as a famous destination. Choose a couple of places from them and have an exciting Thanks Giving 2019.

Casuarina Beach

It is among the popular beaches of NT. The beach has white sand which makes you feel different yet amazing at the same time. It is good place to enjoy sunset, to go for a walk and to spend some quality time either alone or with your family/friends.

Swimming could not be a good option at Casuarina beach due to wide availability of jelly fish and crocodiles, but you can certainly enjoy the sand part of the beach.


It is one among the major tourist attractions in Australia. With population of slightly above 330000, this suburb is located at the prime location of the country i.e. between Sydney and Newcastle. Counted among the ancient suburbs of Australia, the legend says – the region has been there for more than 1000 years now. Located at the banks of eye-candid Hawkesbury River, the city brings a sense of charm and calmness to the visitors.

For its fascinating geographical location, this city becomes a must visit for the visitors seeking peace and complete natural beauty.


When it comes to visit places in Australia, you can certainly count on Toowoomba- Garden city of Queensland. Among the major attractions of the city; what takes the heart of the tourists is Toowoomba’s street. It can be said as a perfect example of magnificent art and impeccable creativity. The art here persists in various form from wooden art to sticker one and from poster art to reverse graffiti. It’s a treat to watch and provides an overwhelming feel.

It also depicts the awareness, a feeling of freedom and a sense of responsibility prevails among all the art form available there. This famous street has been featured in several notable media works. It has also given a major push to age old Melbourne street art and has been front runner in saving the same.

Hyams Beach

Known for its sparse population and unique geographical location, Hyams Beach is happening tourist spot. With two sides, north and south, sharing borders with boodere national park and Boatnic gardens, the place make you feel in supreme love with Mother Nature. The place has its own antique flora and fauna along with interesting wildlife creatures. Jarvis Bay Marine Park and surrounded woods are other major attraction near the place.

So, explore a little more of Australia, this Thanksgiving and make it an unforgettable one. Do share this with your friends and family as a sweet Thanksgiving gift.

Published on 15 Nov, 2019
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