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[If  you want to use the H1 for your title use our default title option on top of the form] 

Ways to add media on the post

  1. Use Add media option you can easily add images and videos in this text area.
  2. you can upload your media four ways in your blog.
  3. Adding video visitors can stay longer on your blog. for add video. [Use Video option in form]
  4. Adding Gallary images to blog create more attractions. [Use Gallary option in form]

Click on image for image advance attribute 

you can move your Image Align left, Align right, Align center.

Click on Image, you can see an edit option to edit an image for Alternative Text, Caption, Link option, Image Title Attribute, Image CSS Class, Link Rel and Link CSS Class.


Use Top editor Menu to beautify your content

  • The backlink [Hyperlink] is most important in content [using Backlink Ctrl+K]
  • You can highlight your main keywords with a different color using [Text color option (A) from Menu]
  • You can write an important topic in BOLD and ITALIC format.
  • Add special characters to define something. [special characters Option in Menu]
  • If you want to Erase your sentence [Use clear formatting from Option]
  • You can Undo and Redo your content using [Undo, Redo Option in Menu] [Ctr+Y][Ctr+Z]
  • You can Add keyboard Shortcuts key in your content [option in Menu][Shift+Alt+H]
  • You can mention important lines using Horizontal line.[option in Menu]
  • Any Negative Keyword or line mention with Strikethrough [option in Menu]
  • You can Hide your Menu using Toolbar Toggle option. [option in Menu][Shift+Alt+Z]

Write your paragraph in three formats Align left, Align Right and Align Center.[option in Menu]

Here we mention left Align

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Published on 10 Dec, 2019
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