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Visit the Newcastle Gaol Museum Toodyay and you will feel like you have stepped back in time with the huge range of original artefacts on display. Explore the tiny cells and get a feeling of what life was like for the prisoners. Wander through the old Police stable and learn about Toodyay’s colourful past.Built in 1865 out of stone and mortar, the Newcastle Gaol Museum is one of only five remaining convict built gaols in Western Australia. Take a fascinating journey of discovery with displays that illustrate the history of the whole Toodyay region, as well as the Old Gaol itself. Each of the cells of the gaol display individual themes. These include a war tragedy memorial, domestic and childhood memories, as well as the tale of the infamous bushranger Moondyne Joe.Hear the story of how the gaol was built at the request of the Resident Magistrate who was utterly enraged by Moondyne Joe’s repeated daring escapes from a previous lock-up.Historic Toodyay is one of Western Australia’s oldest towns and is located less than a one hour drive from Perth.Enjoy the fascination of bygone bushranger days€¦ right there at the Newcastle Gaol Museum in Toodyay.

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