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A visit to the Goldfields War Museum will be an enriching experience for anyone with an interest in Australia’s history and warfare. Housing a vast collection of war memorabilia from citizens of the Goldfields, you will need several hours to explore all the museum has to offer. Children will enjoy the novelty of dressing up in camouflage to have their photograph taken. Walk through the exhibition and discover the significant involvement residents of the town had during the Boer War, World Wars I and II and the Vietnam War. Examine photographs and documents to gain an in-depth understanding of the wars. Make your way outside to see an extraordinary collection of war vehicles and machinery including a tank, gun carrier and cannon. To gain an even greater insight, take an educational guided tour of the museum; though make sure you make prior arrangements as tours are run by appointment only.The Goldfields War Museum is located in the historic town of Boulder, seven hours drive east of Perth. The town of Boulder and nearby Kalgoorlie offers a plethora of fascinating attractions.

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