About us

Travalian is a community of people that want to explore new experiences at home and away, bridging the gap between people and places. We are the first free to all travel guide that operates as a social media and social networking service. We are not a booking agency because our drive is not profit, we are motivated to revolutionize the tourism industry worldwide by granting millions of trusted members access to free information. Our growing database of over two million towns, half a million destinations of natural beauty and interest and one million travel business services, gives us an edge when it comes to showing the world some amazing places.

We encourage our members and businesses to interact and interrelate, with Travalian, you can share information about cool places in your community, meet amazing people, interact and discuss interesting topics in the spheres of tourism and leisure. Communities, Businesses and service providers are also free to share information on locations of interests, events and attractions. Likes, shares, comments, videos and pictures help you to build a rigid Social Profile with us.

We are propelled to grow tourism globally by expanding the range of personal experiences and challenging limitations beyond mainstream Holidays. Travalian fundamentally battles online booking agents who are blinded by profit, we do not interfere with businesses and their customers and neither do we make profit off accommodation and tourism plans. We are a people service, we value our members, their right to information and their freedom to share that information. The Travalian ideal has been built to involve governments, communities and travelers, as a way to participate and control their own future and outcome, by building an online presence into the future.

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Travalian Mission Statement